Eye & Vision Exams

Dr. Tolbert and her team are committed to making sure you see your best! We recommend yearly eye exams for everyone ages 6 months to 100+ years old! 

During the exam, Dr. Tolbert will ask questions about your overall health, visual symptoms, current medications, and family history of any eye diseases. This information helps us determine risk for future eye problems and ensures that we can take all preventive measures to keep your vision and eye health the best it can be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check my baby’s vision?

Dr. Tolbert uses a method called retinoscopy in order to tell what type of prescription a child may need. Retinoscopy does not require any response from the patient in order to obtain an accurate glasses prescription. During an infant exam, Dr. Tolbert is also checking the development of the visual system by looking at muscle alignment and eye/hand coordination. She will also access the internal health of the eye. If any abnormalities are found early treatment will ensure that the child’s vision will develop normally! Early detection is the key to healthy vision.

Is my Contact Lens Rx included in the exam?

A contact lens fit is not part of a routine exam. A Contact lens prescription requires a separate evaluation that can be done during your routine visit. Dr. Tolbert must examine your eyes to make sure you’re a candidate for contact lenses. Once you are fit for the contact lenses and pay your fitting fee you will be able to have your finalized contact lens prescription and order your lenses.

Do I need my eyes checked even if I don’t have blurry vision?

Yes! The most important part of a comprehensive eye exam is the external and internal eye health exam. Dr. Tolbert has diagnosed diabetes, hypertension, brain tumors, eyelid cancers, choroidal melanomas, and countless other systemic and ocular diseases all on patients who had perfect visual acuity. The American Optometric Association recommends that everyone have a yearly comprehensive eye exam even if you have perfect vision.

What should I do if I have concerns about my eye health or vision?

If you ever have a concern about your eyes we encourage you to call our office at 870-202-1100 or email us at info@visualeyesod.com and speak with one of our highly trained staff about your issue.  The staff at VisualEyes is trained to handle most questions and concerns you may have about your eyes, glasses or contacts.  In the event that they cannot help the staff will converse with Dr. Tolbert about your issue and we will get back to you or get you scheduled to see the doctor.